Friday, October 25, 2013

How to Order

In cm or inches,

Step 1 : Get your child's WAIST measurement.
Step 2 : Get the LENGTH of the skirt (from waist to above the knee.)
Step 3 : Choose the color(s) in the Color Palette page. (max of 3 colors only)
Step 4 : Fill in the order form at the bottom of the page.

That's all! :)

Note: All tutus are made to order and takes about 5-7 working days before it can be delivered to you. <3

Tutu Color Palatte

Hi everyone!

The best thing about tutu is, you can go crazy with colors! Available here are 12 candy colors to choose from, so go crazy and choose max of 3 colors of your choice here and fill up the form once you're done! ;)

* Colors listed above act as a reference only and may differ slightly from what is shown above.

More colors will be added to the color palette from time to time, but as for now, choose your favorite 1, 2 or 3!

Some tutu color combo ideas/ suggestions :

2-color palette

1) baby pink + baby blue
2) pastel green + coral red
3) black + mustard yellow
4) plum + baby pink
5) black + fuschia

3-color palette
1) cream + baby pink + baby blue
2) cream + plum + mauve
3) fuschia + turquoise + baby pink



Thank you for visiting this humble website! Just a short introduction, Ratutulle (Pronounced: ra-too-tool) is a result of a sudden spur of inspiration when this picture of my very first handmade tutus were published on my Instagram.

What started as just a past-time "project" for my little daughter, happened to be loved by many other mommies out there. Request after request to "open order" were received, and after much careful thinking, Ratutulle was born - just to share the love for tutus with everyone. :)

This is for all of you who have inspired me, and this is for your little ones who loves everything pretty & princessy! <3

... Because all girls should have at least one tutu in her closet! :)